Always Ice Skating Uphill

In this episode, I welcome back Crunchy from Crunch Time and the Millennial Nostalgia Berries Podcast. We take a look at one of our favorite superheroes growing up, Blade, and look at him in a way that I never consciously thought about.  We are primarily looking at the film trilogy of Blade, played by one of my favorite actors, Wesley Snipes, but we do talk about part of his comic history.

Blade is a unique superhero that broke the status quo of what we expect in our heroes. He’s doesn’t have your “happy go lucky” personality and always seeming as though he has a chip on his shoulder (which understandable when your chasing the vampire who made you who you are and also happened to have killed your mother at childbirth…). Blade was also not only breaking the Comics Code Authority Code, but was a visually black character and his “blackness” isn’t really a part of his story like many other ethnically diverse characters.

As always, we like to share some of the sources we utilized and referenced!  We talked about how Blade hasn’t really been talked about in Academia, so most of the research we did was internet based and from our own experiences and knowledge.  If you find anything else, please email me at or comment below:

  1. Origins of Blade – An Exploration of Dark Comics
  2. A Vampire Who Hunts Vampires – Blade – Marvel 101
  3. Cowsill, A. (2015). Marvel Avengers: The ultimate character guide


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Host – Ryan Blake
Guest Host – Crunchy from Crunch Time and the Millennial Nostalgia Berries Podcast
Intro/Outro Music By – Don Cannon (found on
Feature Image – from Screen Rant

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