A Shocking Milestone

In this episode I welcome my my brother and fellow podcaster Crunchy from the Millennial Nostalgia Berries Podcast!  We cover Milestone Comics and their title characters, Shock, Icon and Rocket as well as Hardware.  We discuss the impact they had on mass media comics as well as highlighting what may have been their downfall.

The title of this episode is “A Shocking Milestone”. Milestone Media, a division of DC Comics, changed the game on what it meant to stereotype underrepresented superheroes.  They broke the status quo, they created new back stories and became leaders within the comic book industry where there was great under-representation. Milestone pointed out that all racial and ethnic groups can’t be stereotyped by an individual character.  What they did was shocking, but it isn’t shocking that their efforts were a milestone for non-white superheroes.

As always, we like to share some of the sources we utilized and referenced!  Most of the research we did was internet based and from our own experiences and knowledge so enjoy:

  1. Original Creators of Milestone: Dwayne McDuffie, Denys Cowan, Michael Davis, and Derek T. Dingle (Sorry we didn’t have these names during the show!)
  2. Milestone Media webpage
  3. Milestone Comic Short Documentary
  4. Milestone Anniversary Interview with Nerds of Color
  5. Sarcastic Letter To Milestone from Dwayne McDuffie:Letter to Marvel

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Host – Ryan Blake
Guest Host – Crunchy from the Millennial Nostalgia Berries Podcast
Intro/Outro Music By – Don Cannon (found on http://www.datpiff.com)
Static Shock Theme Music downloaded from – www.televisiontunes.com
Other Underlay Music created on – Garage Band
Feature Image – from Milestone Media website


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