Never Ending Civil Rights Battle

In this episode I welcome my first guest host, Teron Buford, and we cover a team that is fighting for civil rights as well as their “enemy” who is fighting for the same thing. There is some historical references (not all dates and times are accurate) as we reflect on why we as people can relate to a marginalized group while also speaking to how relevant and symbolic they still are in 2017.

This episode and topic of civil rights is coming at an extremely relevant time. Superpowered Society is all about perspective and listening.  We are also all about observation and empowering people to be change makers in big and small ways (or superpowered). It is those that step up and take advantage of their powers who truly make a difference.  There is no effort too small and when we work with others, we become more powerful than what we could ever imagine.

In every episode, we do some research to build upon our personal perspective. our goal is to share that information so you can develop and expand your thoughts. Many of the sources below were from professional journals where access is limited, but you may be able to access it from your local library.  You can copy and paste the reference line into a search engine to find these articles.

  1. Gerde, V., & Foster, W. (2008). X-Men Ethics: Using Comic Books to Teach Business Ethics. Journal of Business Ethics, 77(3), 245-258.
  2. Taylor, S. (2011). X-Men: Jewish Origins. Moment, 36(3), 25,7.
  3. Zingsheim, J. (2011). X-Men Evolution: Mutational Identity and Shifting Subjectivities. Howard Journal of Communications, 22(3), 223-239
  4. 90’s X-Men Episodes on YouTube (also steaming all 5 seasons on Hulu)
  5. Emmett Till Wikipedia Page

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Host – Ryan Blake
Guest Host – Teron Buford
Intro/Outro Music By – Don Cannon (found on
X-Men Theme Music downloaded from –
Underlay Music created on – Garage Band


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